tell me about a maid of breath please.

Let me tell you about Maids of Breath.
Breath has to do with drive/motivation to some extent, the drive of things and freedom as well? or something (tbh breath has to be the vaguest aspect)

Maids are pretty ill-defined as well, at least in my head… they have something to do with serving, though, /fighting for others /using aspect to serve / serving through aspect. 

One of the first things I thought actually was that the Maid of Breath might be like the figurative ‘glue’ of a team/session! They would serve as the driving force of the team, necessary for survival, perhaps.
The difference between Breath being drive/motivation to some extent and Heart being … literal heart/courage, in that sense, is that Breath is essentially like what powers and drives things, in that without the drive, it can’t work or is severely weakened (like how living things need to breathe)
and Heart is emotional motivation.
(oh no, incomprehensible paragraphs :ccccc)

So pretty much the main idea is that in some way, the Maid of Breath is important, being the driving force of a session. 
The other idea I had was pretty crack-ish, but what if they served as a driving force, or even power source of some kind? (Seers of Breath specifically see power sources, e.g what drives things) 
(psionic Maids of Breath, everyone)
in any case, maybe that would mean that they could have their power manipulated in some way to serve something specifically.
I think Maids have a general thing of ending up servants, willingly/unwillingly or knowingly/unwittingly.

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