Maid of Void please?

you know what maybe I will just do a full blown random analysis as an ask answer. Just because I am feeling like halfcrap|
from my poor memory it seems like I have gotten nine trillion asks for this or something anyway. Though everyone sure likes their spacey maids, because I think that has even more.

Maids help their team with their aspect from what I think, and so the definition seems kind of straightforward.
Possible abilities:
#1- Use obfuscation to assist team.
They would be hiding things and helping everyone evade stuff.

Perhaps the Maid would be in the shadows orchestrating everything necessary for something to work (possibly would be able to turn themselves invisible for this). Or they would hide everyone else to keep them from harm while they do stuff.

That’s all I can really think of for this title.
If you think there is something that should be added to this analysis then please send an ask.

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