land drawing streams. in future they will be happening. EQUIP YOUR BROWN TROUSERS


the stream is long over sorry :c if you can’t find a link, it means that it is gone. the post with the link only remains up as long as the stream.

stream draw. sylph of space!I feel as if I don’t know how to draw in my style anymore @.@

stream draw. sylph of space!
I feel as if I don’t know how to draw in my style anymore @.@

But by being able to make anything defeats the point of anything really, if roxy really can make anything she could just create a lord english proof box and trap him inside forever or create a ring that gives her the powers of a lord or muse or something equally ridiculous and overpowered. There are limitations for every class so why would they get a pass, there has to be things that just cannot be created by even the most powerful ones

I dunno, probably you can only make something which actually has a captcha card / is a possible item in existence within sburb. and that number of things is finite. 

you also have to be able to visualize and / or think of this item in the first place. and also, I mentioned before that if you were going to make something really overpowered then it would probably take a lot of skill and energy. roxy couldn’t just decide to poof a lord english proof box into existence for shits and giggles. that would be nigh impossible to make. or just impossible in the first place since such a thing couldn’t be alchemized.

maybe you can only bring back into existence something which has been actually destroyed before.

i think there has to be some restrictions on what a thief/rogue of void can make, if they can create literally anything then they would be insanely powerful to the point of ridiculousness

they can make anything so long as it doesn’t currently exist. something like that. 
things that are important/overpowered would probably be very difficult to make and only the best of the best thiefrogues would even be able to do it.

I've been trying to think of some powers for space players. Do you think creating black holes or using chemistry and physics to create/destroy would work for active classes such as princes or knights?

I can see black holes working for princes of space (and bards)
if you wanted chemistry powers I think you’d have to alchemize something related to it :o


*slams boonbucks on table* Are there limitations on what a thief of void can conjure up?

the limitation is probably just the thief’s skill/experience, roxy still has to learn how to make stuff.
and I guess… you couldn’t conjure antimatter or a black hole or something.

So would it be reasonable for a knight of light to fight with a lightsaber?

the only feasible weapon. all other strife specibi for a knight of light are not acceptable.

do you think that a rogue of light could gIVE THEIR TEAMMATES ALL THE CRITICAL HITS???????? (so sorry if this has been asked before, etc but i can't search tags because i live in china and tags are unsearchable)

hi excited anon o.o

also yes they could!



when will be the next stream? :3


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well from what i know, teleportation only came from being part of a first guardian in jade’s case. 

in the thingy I wrote about thieves/rogues of space, the reason I think they can teleport is because they ‘steal space’, so I think that could mean that by taking the space between their own self and another object, they would be teleported to that spot. and a rogue in this way could teleport others.

you ever thought about the slyph of time aspect and what itd look like in your style? (itd be hella rad, i should say)

there was one drawn recently. please check the tags.

What classpect do you think could transfer blindness from one person to another? Like you could heal someone's eyes but that meant having someone else having to be blind instead.

thief/rogue of light, or thief/rogue of void. a thief/rogue of doom or even a witch could do it IF the blindness was a curse.

a witch of light could also mess with the odds to make the event happen to someone else, (would need foreknowledge or the aid of a time player)
that is, if the blindness was a result of injury in-game or something, not from birth.

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LMFAO THE FOLDERS BEFORE IT like you open up the third ring of hell irl and there’s this random floating folder

many, many things inhabit the third ring of hell, like pictures of my cat, pixels of my otp bobbing up and down as pixels are known to do, my nuzlocke comic, and artweaver wip files. so evil and satanic.

the name of the folder comes from the fact it;s a windows 8 computer. it prompts you to name your computer like a flipping neopet so I called it satan’s asshole and therefore his domain must follow.