hi! i read a headcanon somewhere that instead of taking care of others, maids fix things. do you think this could be interpreted in a way of solving problems? i know there is a lot of speculation about what maids do, and how their class works, etc, but i'm just very curious as to what you think!!

hmm, I actually thought it was sylphs who were closest to ‘fixing’, but I could see how that makes sense.
also, I have never seen maid defined as taking care of others? @~@

hmmmm if she's doing a solo round would her arrow actually be -> instead of ==>?

:o I didn’t know the arrows were meant to be like that. oooh

ooh, we can enter commands?

yes! it needs them to run, in fact. ;u; 

okay so, I have actually decided to make a short fanventure based on the test of blank thing, and if you’re interested you can contribute here!! it’s just started and needs commands :u

Maybe a test of glitch would type in a way not unlike when you programme software? Or perhaps it would have lots of commands and quotations? Also, what I thought might be cool despite it being even more far fetched, is that as the player progresses (If they can), their powers and such would evolve to match their own personal development? Sort of like how a game evolves over development, so a player who is powered by will may change into a hope player, or a destructive player may adopt doom/time?

-hmm, I don’t really think the player’s personality or actions would really be affected, they’d just have to deal with lots of lag and glitchy polygons, any gradual corruption that causes the game to shut down would probably just feel like pain or something
(the ‘heroic or just death’ thing may not have been programmed in yet, making the only thing able to kill a test of blank the game itself crashing..)
-the aspect is a prototype space/time kind of mash in my headcanon but the player probably can exhibit tendencies towards certain other aspects?

I'd think as the test of blank became more corrupt, their text would sound more like bad computer generated l33t speak before it truly turns into garbled nonsense.

I don’t think that it would really affect your typing ability though, well, maybe you’d make more typos but what glitch is going to make you reach for the numerical keys more often 

could a test of blank players voice glitch like the sound files on a corrupted video game?

that sounds cool!

wow wow this looks so cool :OOO thanks!!

wow wow this looks so cool :OOO thanks!!

What do you think Sburb FULL VERSION woukd be like since we're talking about Alpha and such?

dunno, the unpredictability of the bard probably gets nerfed, pages’ potential is nerfed, changes made to the lord and muse, a greater selection of lands and angels removed due to high rate of player deaths :P?

now I feel like making a mini fanventure based on the test title thing but I have so many things I’m doing at the same time (I already have a fanventure ;u;)

but can it withstand the Test of Time?


if the test title is forced into a game, then other alpha things pop up too - maybe in the early stages of sburb prospit and derse were black and white, prospit had the problem sleuth crew…

I wonder what would happen if the game did crash. If you were on your planet, the ground would probably disappear (like a chunk error in minecraft) and you would have to get back to your house to restart the game through invisible terrain. The weapons and items you got from alchemizing would change into the items you alchemized them from and your cruxtruder, punch designix, totem lathe, and alchemized would disappear. All of this would be reverted when you restarted the game from your computer.

though if the floor disappeared or something… how would you get back? it would be like those glitches where you’re just stuck in one spot forever. that doesn’t sound very nice.

What do you think their land would be like :o

definitely an alpha land like those test levels in games where it’s white with solid colour testing objects and stuff.
and I like the idea of there being prototypes of those creepy ass angels in eridan’s land that are 9000x more murderous. now with more glitchy polygons!
and the consorts probably don’t exist because they weren’t thought about at the time.

>Be the person who fucked up.

I like that Test of Blank class! Hell, it'd probably remove the textures from things it interacts with leaving said object with the purple and black checkerboard thing. (I'd like to think that anyway :L)

yeah it probably would! someone mentioned it crashing the game, which I think it would do nine times out of ten if the title was loaded, but in some cases it will work, though of course unstably. 
who knows what happens when sburb crashes. (everyone dying probably)