when will be the next stream? :3


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well from what i know, teleportation only came from being part of a first guardian in jade’s case. 

in the thingy I wrote about thieves/rogues of space, the reason I think they can teleport is because they ‘steal space’, so I think that could mean that by taking the space between their own self and another object, they would be teleported to that spot. and a rogue in this way could teleport others.

you ever thought about the slyph of time aspect and what itd look like in your style? (itd be hella rad, i should say)

there was one drawn recently. please check the tags.

What classpect do you think could transfer blindness from one person to another? Like you could heal someone's eyes but that meant having someone else having to be blind instead.

thief/rogue of light, or thief/rogue of void. a thief/rogue of doom or even a witch could do it IF the blindness was a curse.

a witch of light could also mess with the odds to make the event happen to someone else, (would need foreknowledge or the aid of a time player)
that is, if the blindness was a result of injury in-game or something, not from birth.

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LMFAO THE FOLDERS BEFORE IT like you open up the third ring of hell irl and there’s this random floating folder

many, many things inhabit the third ring of hell, like pictures of my cat, pixels of my otp bobbing up and down as pixels are known to do, my nuzlocke comic, and artweaver wip files. so evil and satanic.

the name of the folder comes from the fact it;s a windows 8 computer. it prompts you to name your computer like a flipping neopet so I called it satan’s asshole and therefore his domain must follow.

I have a whole lolita folder I’m not even shitting

omg I realised the flaw in the last post wow I’m dumb :V

here are some mary magdalene dresses

(sorry) i meant do rogues of SPACE do anything other than teleport

I’m not sure. it seems to me that that would be mainly it. I can’t think of how the other definitions of space could apply to it. 

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it’s a game. u don’t have to eat in a game.

however, you do in many, because food items are a common construct for health restoration >:D

Just curious but, what did the kids and trolls eat while they were in their session? I don't think I've seen them eat anything while playing, and I doubt the things that the consorts sell are edible for them

the trolls ate troll food, which is what trolls eat. 

john just lived on junk food (gushers) and nannasprite’s baking probably.

i found this on another blog and i feel it would better describe the rogue of space: The Rogue of Space steals and steals from universes, planets, physics, size and mass to benefit their team. Ooh, this is one of the best Space titles. The Rogue of Space would be exceptional at frog breeding, since they could just steal the frog away from wherever they were. They would also have powers similar to Roxy’s, being able to steal objects from all around the universe. Need a wrench? Bam. Apperify. Yet

personally I don’t think that describes it very well. ‘steals from universes, planets, physics, size and mass’. that just sounds like a laundry list of things you associate with space, with no analysis of how that would actually work. 
and also, frog breeding generally isn’t done when the player is godtiered. if the rogue had any of their space teleporty powers, they probably wouldn’t have very good control over them, making any frog teleporting unreliable at best.

the difference between space and void would be that roxy can make anything that doesn’t exist while the rogue of space only moves things around that are already there.

alright everything should hopefully be fixed now. someone please tell me that other blogs are getting this kind of crap too; it can’t just be mine that the internet ghost is messing with :’c

I will henceforth call the tumblr ghost martin.  martin was born out of the dead spirit of a tumblr blogger who forgot to tag a picture of hands once and was subsequently doxxed and murdered in his sleep by all 5 people in the world with that genuine trigger. he still haunts the website, messing up peoples’ tags.

and I suppose is like an onryo in that his revenge is rarely directed towards the one who did him wrong in the first place. because I am innocent ;n;

why are the names even linked anyway? they were never like that o.O


it must be all those Spywares I downloaded off the Internet! remember kids, do not download Spywares, or Hackers will get your Internet! It is important to be safe on the World Wide Web. 

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Do you think you could do a little more on the Prince of Space? I clicked the tag on your page but I was taken to stuff about thieves and rouges of the voidy type. Of which I am not.

oh no, more weird redirecty links? sigh why does this keep happening :c
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