What would you think be a good aspect for a person who doesn't interact with people very often, not because the person is shy or anything, but because he would rather spend his time alone, and daydream a lot.

someone solitary like that may have an aspect like space. pun :u

What would be the title for a kid who is VERY shy, bipolar, Sentimental, very low self-esteem and creative? (the kid is a girl) This girl have a lot of problems, and the happy times for she are too few. This girl is my best friend, I would greatly appreciate if you could help me with this, since she is in difficult times, and I'm planning to do a drawing of her in her god tier to maker her happy. Thank you And sorry for my bad english

maybe a blood title? sylph?

What would be a good title for a fankid who is constantly seeing the worst thing that could happen, even if it doesn't actually happen? Like, they keep getting the worst impression of a situation, but (usually) the only way they fail at their task is if they let themself or others panic over it and get caught up in fear instead of doing what they have to anyway.

seer of hope sounds funny.
could also go with seer of rage or seer of time.

I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but do you think that hearing voices is just a Sollux thing, or a Doom player thing? And if it is a Doom player thing, what other ways might that ability to know bad futures manifest?

it’s vision twofold. sollux has the doom aspect because of it and not the other way around. mituna has the same abilities as him entirely (it’s not known if they may be slightly different though, like kurloz’s are to gamzee’s, or vriska’s to aranea’s. but those differences are only due to personality because aranea can do the same thing as vriska once she tries)

the page of tags really needs some updating :B

wanted to do a 413 stream but tablet’s acting up :c

what's the url to your fantroll blog i'd love to see it


How come you've NEVER drawn the page class? Sorry if you've been asked this before...

bards? fine. pages? nope. they are just too awkward to draw. (how do you even make that outfit look cool. it just doesn’t happen.)

Do you think a Theif of Hope would be the kind of type to lie to others? Or maybe a Rogue of Hope?

a thief of hope could definitely be like that. stealing hope could be seen as robbing someone of trust or belief? I dunno. but it doesn’t really matter. the tier doesn’t matter.

How often do you do livestreams? Cause i would love to join one sometime. (also looking at your blog has has helped me a lot!)

I’m going to add this question to the FAQ.

Excuse me asking, but could a Page of Heart's journey start out with something like anger issues or seemingly uncontrollable mood swings? And then as they go on, they have to learn to control themselves emotionally?

sure, that seems good? maybe also like conflicting aspects of self and having to choose one to properly build on.

I've noticed you use specifics color palettes for aspects, would you mind sharing them ?

the palettes are the ones found in canon I believe
this is the one I use (you can find many on google images), though you can see I have made some additions for shading purposes

Ooo you're making your game with rpg maker 2000/2003 right?

nah it’s going to be in unity! but it is a 2d rpg :U

can we see one of your ocs? :o

do you mean you want me to shamelessly plug my fantroll blog or my actual non hs ocs

these are my main ocs who are going to be in a game Iā€™m working on :u

Do you have any headcanons for the Lord and Muse outfits?

no. but I like the muse design with the roman looking clothing